Workout 2 of C25K week 5

I did it! I ran for 8 minutes straight, twice, and I’m still alive! So, here’s how the workout went:

I started off with a 5-minute warm-up walk (at 4.0 m/h)

First 8 minute run (first 5 minutes I ran at 6.0 m/h, then slowed down to 5 m/h for the next two minutes, and the last minute sped it up to 7 m/h. To me it certainly seemed like pushing it, but I was still alive).

5 minute recover walk (at 3.5 m/h)

Second 8 minute run (first 4 minutes at 6 m/h, then the last 4 at only 4.5 m/h). I was so exhausted though, one of the times I happened to close my eyes for what seemed like a minute, and almost fell off the treadmill, but barely caught myself. That would have been a funny site to behold – me spread out with my nose on the treadmill, lol.

Cool down walk – 6 minutes.

Total of 32 minutes, 2.3 miles, 370 calories burned.

We then also went on to the weight machines again and worked out for about an hour there. I feel like a lot of my muscles are getting toned, and I do feel like I’ve lost weight, but the stupid scale still doesn’t think so. It’s incredibly frustrating. Maybe I ought to start measuring myself to¬†hopefully see some progress…


About runningtomygoal

I am on my journey of loosing at least a 100 lbs. This blog will document my progress towards this goal.
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