Why does it have to hurt?

We ran outside today, slowly and with a bit of walking… Again, it’s that much harder to run outside, I find, with a strong wind blowing in your face and cold getting down to your bones, and pavement being hard on your feet. Also, all the roads around our house are VERY hilly – that’s probably yet another reason of why it seems a bit easier to run on the treadmill, because I usually just run there at zero incline. Anyway, today we ran 4 km in 38 mins (some walking in there, hence slow time). My shin on my right leg have been bothering me for the last 2 runs, which conincindentally were the times that I’ve worn my brand new running shoes. I was so excited to finally pull them out of the box and wear, but now I don’t even know what to think… Last time I just wrote it off to being tired, but this time, I am starting to wonder if, somehow unfortunately, my new shoes could be contributing to the pain. I’ll have to try with the orthotic inserts or perhaps back in my old shoes next time, and see if that’s any better. Meanwhile, I’m putting ice on my strained muscle/shin area, and hoping that it helps…


About runningtomygoal

I am on my journey of loosing at least a 100 lbs. This blog will document my progress towards this goal.
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2 Responses to Why does it have to hurt?

  1. Angela says:

    how did I just discover this blog? =( Missed all your thoughts about training for the first 5K. I caught up on your training so far for the Huffing for Stuffing though. =) Joe and I are not doing so well… We started 2 weeks late I think. Joe had a really rough week 2 weeks ago so we didn’t run. And then i was sick all last week. So we’re barely going to finish week 4 of training. But, we’ll do our best! Looking forward to seeing you in just over a week!!! =D

  2. Stan says:

    I’m proud of you! You’re doing great! I’m sorry it hurts, but the results are really starting to show! Hopefully it will hurt less with time. Keep up the good work!!

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