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Yet another workout… And a new non-scale victory!

At the gym today I ran for 2.2 miles in 25 minutes (not bad, but not all that great either), and burned 371 calories. I felt so tired and my shins hurt so much, that I just couldn’t even finish … Continue reading

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Back to the gym

Since it was raining outside today, we went to run and work out at the gym. We had a pretty good workout, if I say so myself. I ended up running (still with a bit of walking in the middle) … Continue reading

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I’m really afraid to jinx myself, but too excited not to post about this. Even though this week we are not running (I’m not even sure if we’ll get to the gym at all – our church has sports camp … Continue reading

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Stuck in a rut?

Why did I even bother starting running? Who did I think I was? Did I really think I could run a marathon someday? I can’t even master stupid 5K… It’s not like it’s THAT far to run… Well, I’m in … Continue reading

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Weight progress

Here is my weight chart from the past 7 weeks (since we started working out and training for 5K). The first 3.5 weeks have been a nice progress with the weight going down steadily, but I’ve plateaued for the past … Continue reading

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I finally saw a little bit of a progress on the scale today. I don’t want to rejoice TOO early, hoping that the spell of unmoving scale is broken, but accoring to my silly scale I lost 1.2 lbs since … Continue reading

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I cannot believe it!

I cannot believe it, but I ran for 20 minutes straight today! Do you hear it? 20 minutes! And I must say, it was no small feat! It actually was probably THE longest stretch I’ve run in about 17-18 years … Continue reading

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