All by myself :)

This is it! The moment of truth… LOL

Seriously, with the race coming up this Saturday, I’ve been a bit stressed about how I am going to meet my goal and run the entire thing without walking, and outside, no less… But after reading my beautiful sister-in-law Diana’s blog, I got inspired. I went out by myself, while the boys were napping (yes, all of them, including the big one – it’s been raining hard here the past couple of days, so it must have made them tired ;), and ran 1.86 miles (3 km) in 21 minutes. All. Without. Any. Walking!

Can you tell I am a bit happy?

Anyway, I know 5 K is longer, but I am hoping to do a longer run on Wednesday, and also hoping that the energy of the race and seeing other people running will also provide me with a needed boost. I need to overcome my psychological hangup (telling myself it’s too much, too long, I can’t do it, blah, blah, blah) and just run. Yes, of course, I was very tired, but I did it.

So, thank you Diana for providing me with my daily dose of inspiration 🙂

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Tough run

With the race day rapidly approaching we decided to do our today’s run outside. Although it was a little humid (not too terrible though), it was nice and cool. I started out running pretty well, but ran out of steam pretty quickly – even before I approached half a mile. I had a walk a little bit after that because I literally felt like I was going to die. I’m not sure why, hubs thought I started out running too fast, but it didn’t feel incredibly too fast… Throughout the run I did quite a bit of walking (which I am entirely not proud of), but I did run most of it… It took me 44 min to do 4.3 km – not quite 5, but the distance that I mapped out on google maps somehow ended up being shorter than on the map…

My shins are VERY sore after today and my legs feel like led. Don’t know, maybe it’s to be expected, since most of the summer we ran inside on the treadmill (since mid-June). I’m not even sure what to think and how to make myself not feel so tired and sore so quickly. I need to run that whole distance, and I have no idea how I will… In just a little more than a week…

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Good run today

I had a fairly good run today. I ran a total of 25 minutes (broken up into 5 minute segments with 1-3 min walks in between). Not ideal, I know,  but for the first time my run+walk equaled exactly the 5K distance – 3.1 miles! Yes, it took me 40 min to do the distance (since I was walking in between the 5 run periods and cool down at the end), but I managed to burn 510 cal on the treadmill. I know this is not where I need to be at this point in my training, but honestly this is the most I’ve done in terms of running in probably a month and a half, so not bad. Next time I need to try to have longer stretches of running and get the total running time to 30 minutes.

Hubs RAN for 40 minutes today (entire time, no breaks) at 6 m/h and did 4.1 miles, which is 2/3 of the distance of the 10K. So I know that he’s definately ready for the upcoming 5K. He’s actually now talking about running 10K in early September.

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First 5K race

So I took the plunge and registered us for our first 5K race on Aug. 28th! Am I excited? Yes! Scared? Who am I kidding? I know I can do it though, I should be able to. Hopefully it won’t be too hot/humid. Hubby’s sister, who is a great runner (she ran a marathon last year) is coming out from California to be our support and to run with us. So that’s very exciting!

We have been running though to prepare. Not on the nice C25K schedule, but training nonetheless. I’m just hoping that the adrenalin from the race conditions will kick-in and I will run the entire thing without walking at all. But if I have to walk, I’ll walk – I’m not going to beat myself over the head about it or die there on the course.

So, less than 2 weeks to go!

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Sad day

Sadly, we should have been through all 9 weeks of C25K training by now. But we are not… So far from it in fact, that we have to start back in our training quite a bit. Those huge breaks in the training don’t do any good. I was able to run a total of 20 minutes today, but broken down quite a bit:

5 min warm-up walk

10 min run

6 min walk

5 min run

4 min walk

5 min run

5 min cool-down walk

Total: 40 min, 428 cal burned, 2.85 mi.

I also did a bicycle trainer for 25 min and burned 106 calories on there. Finished off the workout with a couple of weight machines and that is it.

I feel very sore, even though I ate an ACCESS bar before the workout and had a Proflex protein drink after we got home from the gym. I don’t know. Right now I am thinking that we still have to keep training for the 5K, since that’s what we decided to do, but I don’t know if I would want to go any further than that with it. Maybe occasional run here and there, but I don’t believe I’ll be training for a marathon or anything… I just can’t bring myself to think of running as… fun. It seems very boring and hard. I keep hoping that it would get better, but it hasn’t yet. I just hope we can train well enough before the 5K to be able to actually run in and not walk parts of it. I want to run the whole thing.

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Truthfully, I haven’t been running the past two weeks. At all. I can make up a whole bunch of excuses like being too tired, not getting enough sleep at night, having a psychological hangup about not wanting to go back to the gym, not having enough time, etc. The list can go on and on forever. In reality I just need to admit to myself that I’ve failed at keeping at my goals, especially these past two weeks and move on.

We went to the gym this morning. I didn’t expect the workout to be easy, especially after such a long break. I started off with a 5 min walk (at 4.5 m/h), then a 7 minute run at 6 m/h, after which I felt like I was going to black out. Then I walked for about 6 minutes, then ran for 2 more at 5.5 m/h and walked the rest of the time at 3.5-4 m/h.

Total workout – 30 minutes, 315 calories burned, 2.15 miles.

Then I did about an hour on various weight machines, my usual 3 sets of 30 reps on pretty much all of them. Then bycicle machine for 40 minutes, in which I burned 130 calories. Not an amazing workout, but I assume it would take me a while to work back up to 20-25 min of running at once after such a break. At least I am not completely starting back from scratch. Oh, and yes, having my new Sansa player really helped with boredom issue. But I need to upload a lot more music on it.

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I’m really afraid to jinx myself, but too excited not to post about this. Even though this week we are not running (I’m not even sure if we’ll get to the gym at all – our church has sports camp for kids and we are volunteering the entrire week there), I saw some progress (almost 2 lbs since the last time I measured) on the scale this morning. This brings the total loss so far to 17 lbs! I’m very excited! I hope I contunie to loose weight without stalling again for so long!

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